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Aly Weitkamp
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  When I say Ms. Karma put her foot in this book here ! I was crying, laughing and getting mad all at once. To finally know the really truth to why Zy got killed broke my heart. He was one of the good ones that got caught up because Rico was in his feelings. I love how Lani and Jux have grown up so much in this book. Now Ms Harm I am very disappointed in her. Now how she gone do my boy Lou like that, when all he wanted to do wad love her. I hope he don't take her back old heifer. Yay needs to get herself together because she is failing something terrible as a patient. Rique is a stand up guy and I know my girl Jae gone get him off. I can't wait for the next installment cause I know they going out with s bang!

Fabiola Troccoli
  I was the perfect age when all the good rock and country songs were first time hitting the airways. I think of all artist these guys were the best. Don't get me wrong there were a lot of others just as good but the Season's style was beyond compere I can't think of one singer that could sound and give justice to just one of their songs

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